Projects done

  • Padiglione Italia, Venice Biennale

    Roberto Cuoghi, Imitazione di Cristo, 2017, Padiglione Italia. Photo: Marco De Scalzi

  • Cash&Rocket tour

    2011 and 2012 editions

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta has taken part in two editions of the Cash&Rocket tour, in which internationally influential women drive red cars around to raise funds for non-profit organisations operating in Africa. In 2011, teamed up with Gabriella Magnoni Dompè, she raised over $30,000, and a solo effort in 2012 brought in $23,600. All the money was donated to charities chosen by Cash&Rocket.


    Corriere della Sera, 15th June 2013
    Ladies in red race for charity
    Seventy women in a charity rally

    Umberta and Gabriella Magnoni Dompè during the 2011 Cash&Rocket tour

  • Restauration of the Imago Pietatis

    In 2012 Umberta and Giorgio Gnutti funded the restoration of Giovanni Bellini’s Imago Pietatis at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum. Umberta, who took over from Countess Marta Marzotto as president of the museum’s Restoration Club (click here for further details), followed the work with great interest.

    In Umberta’s own words: «We needed to promote the sentimental idea of a link with t he painting, organise cocktails to celebrate the end of the work, keep patrons involved during the whole process, and of course mention them in the documents and on a plaque next to the work».

    Display details of the work on the Foundation’s website


    [VIDEO] Presentation of restoration of the Imago Pietatis
    [VIDEO] Backstage during restoration

    Il Giornale dell’arte, issue 325, November 2012
    Imago Bellini
    Restoration of the Pietà at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum leads to a comparative exhibition

    Corriere della Sera, 20th May 2013
    Il mecenatismo bresciano che aiuta Milano
    Umberta Gnutti Beretta, who has succeeded Marta Marzotto as Restoration Club president, relates her fundraising mission.

    La Stampa
    The lady who runs the restoration club

    Giovanni Bellini, "Imago Pietatis"

  • Convivio

    The table at Convivio 2012 decorated by Umberta

    2012 Edition

    Convivio[banquet] is Italy’s most important charity exhibition-cum-market, which is held to raise funds in favour of ANLAIDS, the national association for the fight against AIDS. The brainchild of Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani, the event featured nearly 100 tables at the gala dinner held in 2012.

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta was a member of the organising committee, it being her job to find sponsors for the tables and help collect items of clothing for the vintage boutique.


    VanityFair, 13th June 2012
    Convivio 2012: tables at the gala evening

    2014 Edition

    After the 2012 edition, for the second time Umberta Gnutti Beretta has decided to collaborate with Convivio Milano, the most important charity market-fair in Italy, with the aim of raising funds for ANLAIDS Lombardy, the National Association for the Fight against AIDS. The event will take place from 12 to 17 June. Umberta's role is to find sponsors, take care of the security aspects and cooperate with the organisers in cost optimisation.

    The table at Convivio 2014 decorated by Umberta

    Umberta con Gabriella Magnoni Dompé a Convivio 2016

    2016 Edition

    In 2016 Umberta Gnutti Beretta was also on the Convivio event promotion committee. 

    In the last two years Convivio funds have enabled an increase in national research and provided grants to train researchers, leading to the publication of 70 scientific articles. 

    The 2016 edition from 8-12 June welcomed 65 thousand visitors, but more importantly, over 2,400,000 euros were collected and donated to the Lombardy division of ANLAIDS.


    Vanity Fair, 18th April 2016
    Convivio 2016: doing good is still fashionable

    Vogue, 13rd June 2016
    Convivio 2016: the figures of success

  • Progetto 120 ambulanza

    Official hand-over of an ambulance on behalf of Almag S.p.A.

    Umberta represented Almag S.p.A. at the Brescia White Cross as part of Project 120. In the fund-raising effort, which was organised by Umberta herself, 120 people each donated €1,000 in record time to buy an ambulance with advanced medical assistance for the Città di Brescia Clinical Institute. A minibus for the disabled was also donated.

    Umberta consegna l'ambulanza alla Croce Bianca

  • Le mie amiche dicono che

    Book promoting City of Joy Aid by Dominique La Pierre

    The brainchild of Nicoletta Poli Poggiaroni and Roberto Spada, the book is a collection of over 500 secret addresses in Milan, trendy shops recommended by 51 influential women, including Umberta Gnutti Beretta, who frequent the Milanese drawing-rooms. The entire proceeds from the sale of the book will be assigned to the City of Joy Aid foundation set up by Dominique Lapierre to help the children of Calcutta.

    "Le mie amiche dicono che" [My friends tell me], ed. Electa, 240 pages, €40


    Il Giornale, 31st May 2013
    My friends tell me - the trendiest shops recommended by the Milan bourgeoisie
    500 hot tips from 51 members of the Milan bourgeoisie, from the goldsmith who modernises jewellery to the skilled cobbler.

    Copies of the book on display

  • Tour with YPO in Burma

    «As I’ve already explained, I’ve been lucky enough to visit many countries and travel the globe. But more recently I’ve decidedly changed my style of travelling. A few years back, when my husband and I joined the YPO - the Young Presidents Organization - things took on a whole new outlook. For those who’ve never heard of it, the YPO arranges trips all over the world. It organises everything, right down to the tiniest detail, with extreme precision and care (...). My last trip with YPO was to Burma. It turned out to be a fantastic experience, and a truly unforgettable one as we met Aung San Su Kyi, the famous Nobel Peace Prize winner (1991) and leader of the non-violence movement. For years she’s actively defended human rights in her own country, which is being devastated under a cruel military dictatorship. She joined us for dinner and revealed her hopes and fears for Burma (...). After seeing for ourselves how dire the situation was, we decided we absolutely had to help in some way. The last part of our trip took us to the Lake Inle region, and the YPO group suggested we donate the money for ten homes for the less fortunate people. We were all very taken with the idea - and two months later we were delighted with the excellent result.»


    Luuk magazine, 28th March 2012
    Umberta Gnutti Beretta and the new frontiers of YPO tours
    Gabriella’s parlour (by Gabriella Magnoni Dompè)

    Umberta, her son Carlo and husband Franco Gussalli Beretta with Nobel Prize-winner Aung San Su Kyi

    One of the huts rebuilt thanks to funds raised

  • Teen Project

    Completamento degli arredi da parte della Fondazione Simona Ventura Settembre 2013/marzo 2014

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta, through Fondazione Simona Ventura Onlus, contributed to the renovation of the Milan premises, used by the CAF Centre and now housing the TEEN Psychological and Educational Residential Centre. The centre accommodates pre-teen and teenage boys and girls aged 12 to 18.

    The Fondazione Simona Ventura donated the entire furniture and Umberta Gnutti Beretta personally contributed to the other furnishings and accessories in order to make the centre operational and ready to receive teenagers in difficulty.

    You will be able to follow the development of the project step by step thanks to the photos available on Instagram profile @associazione_caf_onlus


    Team Work Studio, 16th May 2012
    Together for CAF and L’impronta in Milan

    Chi, 29th May 2013
    SuperSimo for children
    Together for the family home project

    Delivery of a new mini van for the children at l’Impronta

    The furniture of the Teen Community for CAF

    UUmberta Gnutti Beretta with Simona Ventura and Emanuela Angelini, who is in charge of fund-raising for CAF

    The plan of the Center

  • Oxfam: pre-loved on tour

    PRE-LOVED ON TOUR is a travelling charity event staged to raise funds for Oxfam Italia and made possible thanks to a partnership with Private Griffe, a marketplace for second-hand designer clothes and accessories, in collaboration with the magazine Marie Claire.

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta contributed by presenting a red dress by Gianfranco Ferrè: «A dress chosen carefully for a social event, a charity drive that you had to go to dressed in red. It brought me plenty of luck, because I won, and I gladly donated it to Oxfam.».


    [VIDEO] PRE-LOVED ON TOUR: Umberta Gnutti Beretta for Oxfam Italia and Private Griffe
    Marie Claire, 16th May 2013
    A charity evening
    A charity shopping event organised in Brescia by Private Griffe, Oxfam and Marie Claire

    Corriere della Sera, 12th May 2013
    Designer and vintage, fashion that does good
    Debut in Brescia for Livia Firth’s charity auction

    From left: Warly Tomei, Maria Cecilia Andretta, Francesca Bongiovanni, Gabriella Dompè and Umberta Gussalli Beretta

  • La violenza sulle donne

    Conference in Brescia with Giulia Bongiorno Umberta has been the curator of a project aimed at informing her hometown on a very importante issue: violence against women. To do so Umberta has invited the very famous penalist lawyer Giulia Bongiono to give the town a speech. Giulia Bongiorno has been in Brescia on may 7, 2014 and a vast public has been given the chance to hear her speak. Umberta has also decided to make a donation together with 5 other women entrepreneurs (Anna Magri, Elena e Paola Gnutti, Gabriella Pasotti and Alberta Marniga) to Doppia Difesa, Giulia Bongiorno's and Michelle Hunziker charity to fight against this violence. This will enable the association to carry on with some of its projects. All the informations about the event

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta with the entrepreneurs and Giulia Bongiorno

  • Udinese Camp

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta, Magda Pozzo and Simona Ventura conceived and created the “the family of football”, a City Camp with the Udinese football club. This consisted of two weeks of sporting events, from 15th to 27th June 2015, which involved 30 children aged 6 to14, selected from some Italian homes where they are in foster care. The camp was also attended by Laurent Ottoz, former hurdler, who holds the world record of 200 hs; he is now advisor to FIDAL, and coached the boys on such matters as doping and fair play.


    Gazzetta dello sport, 20th june 2015
    Udinese, camp for children in foster homes

  • Ancora un’altra storia

    In continuity with her support of the Doppia Difesa non-profit organisation, Umberta and her friend Donata Berger contributed to the production of a social short film for Italian broadcaster RAI, entitled “Ancora un’altra storia” (Another story again), written and directed by Gabriele Pignotta, which aims to raise funds for Doppia Difesa as well as being a vehicle in support of a bill against parental alienation.

    View the "Ancora un’altra storia" short film.