Projects doing

  • Women for Haiti

    Umberta supports the Women for Haiti project set up by the Francesca Rava Foundation, which works to diagnose and treat breast cancer in women in Haiti who do not have the possibility of a diagnosis or treatment there. 

    Through this project a programme will be implemented to diagnose and treat breast cancer thanks to the availability of two rooms dedicated to breast diagnostics, one for carrying out examinations, scans and biopsies and one for carrying out mammograms promptly. Operations will be carried out in an NPH hospital.

    Umberta at the Women for Haiti event to raise awareness and raise funds, organised by the Francesca Rava Foundation at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan.

  • Gustolab

    Umberta is at present collaborating with a social co-operative based in Milano. The co-operative has just opened a small bakery called Gustolab in via Santa Sofia nr 18.

    The bakery has a double purpose: that of producing revenue to be used for social causes and that of giving a part time job to a small group of disabled people. Umberta has proposed the project for an announcement of competition by a company called Edison. Gustolab is now among the finalists.

    Umberta also funded several video clips presenting various projects that were used by the cooperative to obtain funding and as a presentation to the public.

    Watch the video "Panificio Gustolab"

  • Agrivis

    After Gustolab, Umberta funded another project for the cooperative Impronta, which aims to help the disabled enter the workplace.

    Umberta funded the video presenting the Agrivis community farming project, which was set up with the aim of establishing an organic farming business on Milan's doorstep which enables the recruitment of vulnerable individuals.

    Watch the video of Agrivis Project

  • Fondazione Simona Ventura Onlus

    Umberta, as board member of the Beretta Foundation and the Essere Bambino association, was part of the Simona Ventura Charitable Foundation team that organised a charity gala entitled "Together for CAF and L’impronta", held at Officine del Volo in Milan.

    Together with Simona Ventura and Magda Pozzo, the daughter of Giampaolo, owner of Udinese football club, she decided to support the two associations in some specific projects: · for L’impronta [integration of people who are disabled or in difficulty] - improved housing at Comunità Scricciolo [educational community for children];
    · For CAF [centre of aid for mistreated children and families in crisis] - sponsorship of Project Teen (more information here).

    Currently Umberta Gnutti Beretta continues her collaboration with CAF on other fronts and projects.


    Team Work Studio, 16th May 2012
    Together for CAF and L’impronta in Milan

    Chi, 29th May 2013
    SuperSimo for children
    Together for the family home project

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta with Simona Ventura and Magda Pozzo

    Umberta Gnutti Beretta invito Simona Ventura

    Simona Ventura cena

    Simona Ventura cena

    Simona Ventura cena